Lonely? Unfocused? Stressed?

Let’s Talk.

Alone Together Center will get you back on track. In a small group setting, you will find a dynamic support system with like-minded people.

The coping skills you will acquire not only will get you through the pandemic but will be transferable to the future in all areas of your life.

Who Are We?

Skilled professionals led by Rhea Koch-Sultan, CPC (Certified Professional Coach), LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker), will show you how to navigate a crisis such as COVID. Furthermore, we will work with individual participants to identify their passions and to set SMART goals and fulfill them.

Rhea Koch-Sultan is a seasoned coach. She also has an extensive counseling background. However, this service is coaching not counseling. Coaching is about helping people to discover their dreams and to act on them.

Let’s face it, Coronavirus has left a lot of us feeling thrown off course. At Alone Together Center, we will get you feeling more in control of your life again.

How To Contact Us:

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As a member, you'll get access to a series of eight weekly group video chat sessions during which we provide:

  • Safe non-judgmental place to talk.
  • Coping Skills to manage stress.
  • Concrete goals to take steps forward.